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Does this really
need a caption?
Venice just wasn't the
same after we visited.  I
took the beauty of it
home with me.
Donna had to touch everything!
Vero Beach is home these days.  You
can reach the both of us through my
email address or give us a call.  We
only need half an excuse to head out
on another adventure!
Or if you in the neighborhood (or just flying
over it), you can always stop by the hangar
for a visit.  You can spot it from the air
now!  As you can see we have our own
sheriff's deputy on duty guarding our baby.
In November of 2011 we were lucky enough to be mentioned in the
local newspaper for the fun we have donating our time and energy.  The
article was supposed to be mostly about Donna's work as the chairman
of the Treasure Coast March of Dimes.  I  was only supposed to be
there as "arm candy"!  But you know me...I got to talkin'.  You can click
on the link for a good chuckle.
In Dec 2010 I received my first national magazine publication,
penning an article about a trip I took with my mom up to her 50
year high school reunion.  Needless to say I was quite proud. Click
below for the article.
In 2011 I also entered my first short story contest with an online personalized novel site.  You
give them all your personal information and pick a genre and they do a novel based on your bio.
 The subject matter was harlequin romance using 21 bits of their information.  The Capitalized
words are theirs. I sent one in based on a romantic flight, confident I would win.  Sadly I
didn't and when I queried them as to why, I was told there was too much sex and not enough
plot.  I was crushed.  But then I realized that my first submission ever was turned down by a
romance site and the form letter they sent me rejecting it contained typos and then I felt
better.  So click below if you like lots of sex!
December 2011 found us doing our
annual duty as Mr. and Mrs. Claus to
the kids of the Bahamas.  This year
the Christmas Miracle was that we
were able to fit everything in the plane
For Christmas this year we took presents over to some kids in the Bahamas that have life a little
tougher than us.  We've been doing this for the last 3 years together and have a ball doing it.  
This year the Newspaper at Donna's hospital wrote a little article about us that was rather cute.
 You can read more about it here.