Mark Riordan-LMA (Luckiest
Man Alive)
53 years old and still enjoying
my first childhood.  Especially
now that I have someone to
share it with. The next big
adventure is always in the
planning stages.
A venerable old gal, our 1974 Piper
Cherokee Six still has several big
trips left in her.  If you can fit it
through her doors she can carry it.  
And she does it all with panache and
We celebrate with a trip
to the Bahamas, her first
flight as official copilot
We bought our first boat
together, the (what else)
Princess Attitude
The daring duo move in
together in Vero Beach
Our First Date at
Mulligan's on The Beach
Latest News
An Introduction to All Things Mark and Donna
Mark's Birthday
weekend in Marathon
We take mom up to Tenn
with us in 208 and race a
storm home!
Our 1st X-mas together
we play Santa & Mrs.
Claus in the Bahamas
Look out Stella Maris,
Long Island, Bahamas,
here comes Team Dork!
Donna takes her first flight
lesson making the skies a
little less friendly!
Donna's Birthday
weekend in Lucaya
Team Dork Does Vegas
Baby!  Complete with a
Donnie Osmond lap
Dance for Donna
Team Dork invades
Europe, specifically,
Switzerland, France,
Monaco, Italy and
finishing  it off with a
night in a castle in
Donna F., RN, MSN, MHA
Having passed the half century
mark she shows no sign of
slowing down. Currently working
on overcoming her fear of
anything exciting and
dangerous.  She can now add
swimming with sharks and sting
rays, cliff diving and skydiving
from 13,500' to her list of
Team Dork goes Down
Under.  We went to
Tahiti and Bora Bora to
swim with the sharks
and sting rays and live in
a hut over the water for a
The Ray's join Team
Dork for a trip to the
Bahamas where by
Adam learns to a
jet ski!
Donna graduates with her
second Master's degree
capping a life long dream
of being perpetually in
school!  She crossed the
podium in Nashville, TN
where her son and
daughter, Adam and
grandkids, mom, myself
got to watch.
1 yr together is
celebrated by officially
announcing our
In 41208, we "jet" up to
Martha's Vineyard and
Nantucket for the week
and then over to
Springhill, TN to visit
kids and grandkids for
We celebrate 2 years
of unwedded bliss by
jumping out of a
perfectly good airplane.
Is this just
the bravest
woman you've
ever seen?
Cherokee N41208
Our dynamic duo
Emcee the March of
Dimes Signature Chef
Gala and Auction and
Mark takes a knee to
propose properly
The first rule is never give
the big romantic goof a
We visit Ft Lauderdale
for Challenge Air Day
We had the great fortune to be one of the Challenge Air Planes this year in Ft
Lauderdale on January 28, 2012.  12 planes took up 110 special needs kids
and their families, giving them the chance to experience the wonders of flight.  
The hugs and cheers as they came off the plane and received their wings and
certificates can not be explained, only experienced.  It was 5 long hours of
flying and 7 flights giving kids a moment to just be kids.
We vacationed in Hawks
Key for Valentines Day.  
Donna got to swim with
the dolphins!
On a beach in Port
Lucaya on Grand
Bahama Island at 7pm I
make an honest woman
out of Donna!