My copilot for all the rest of my adventures
As the big day got
closer we decided
in lieu of the
complexity of
getting married in
Italy we tie the knot
in the Bahamas on
the beach under the
full moon.  After all it
was under the full
moon in Vero when
we first met and
walked the beach,
holding hands for
the first time.  We're
saving Europe for
the Honeymoon!
Team Dork's Homepage
How does one guy get so freakin' lucky?
41208 sitting on the Runway at Walker's Cay
We visited Stella Maris Resort on Long Island, Bahamas in
February 2010 and put together a fun video on You-tube to
document our adventures.  If you have about 4 and a half minutes
it's worth checking out.  Click below to visit the site.
come get him
Our hangar was
"tagged" by a
fantastic artist,
Greta 'Gretzky'
Hansen and her
boyfriend and
fellow artist John
Thompson.  She
whipped this out in
3 days and we
couldn't be more
ecstatic!  You can
see more of her
work at
Donna Turns 50.  And does everything including Gator wrestling, Indoor
skydiving, Hot air ballooning, Donny and of course the ever popular
"choke the birthday pony"!
This just in, Team Dork tackles their 1st 5K  Donna came
in 4th in her age group and Mark, 10th in his (but to be
fair, the 9th place guy beat him by ten minutes!)  We
don't have pictures of the second one.  Donna came in
first in her age group and Mark came in what is
affectionately know as DFL (dead fu**in' last!).  They
were waiting for his arrival to deflate the finish line arch.
 But he finished and did not require an ambulance!
Still not quite as popular as "Bennifer",
"Brangelina", and whatever they're
calling Justin and Selena, Team Dork is
building momentum in the press.  It
was either DORK (DOnna and maRK) or
MANNA.  I think we chose correctly!  

Our next big adventure is coming up in
May when we head back over to Europe
for our honeymoon, eating and drinking
our way across the landscape.  This
year's itinerary includes several
vineyards, a few castles and a thermal
springs to soak the derriere after a
long day in the car.  Maybe this year
we'll buy a travel guide.  Nah, why
spoil the trip with Words!